Case Study: How Natural Pet Innovations Launched Fast and Grew Strong

The Challenge

Our client was acquiring a white label product supplier, and came to us for help as they were legally bound to launch as a new brand in a fixed timeframe. That meant creating a new company name, logo, brand identity, website — the whole shebang — and fast!

Strategy and Services Provided

To meet goals under a such tight deadline, we leveraged analytics to inform the company name reverse-engineering what potential clients search for. Next we crafted a clean, professional brand identity rolled out on a modest yet fully-functional website, with plans to scale it up.

Once the logo and website were established, we delivered these additional services:

  • Digital Design: Social Media Image Support, Blog Posting (from a Heck Yeah! Partner)
  • Proprietary Subsidiary Icon Designs
  • Print Design: Product Catalog
  • Brand Consulting & Stewardship

The Results

In just 26 days we launched the brand via website, established guiding principles for all future marketing collateral materials, and began design on a product a catalog to fuel aggressive growth. View their website here.

The launch was such a success, my partners and I were asked to continue to support the client with ongoing blog posts, email marketing campaigns, a social media presence, proprietary logos, icons, and other collateral materials.

“The Heck Yeah! team was awesome! I had a really, really narrow window (over the holidays as well!) to create, build and deploy a brand new website for a company I was acquiring. Not only did they accept the challenge, they did so with vigor! They were more excited about the project than I was! The resulting site was very well done and right on point. It was exactly what we needed — not to mention 100% on time and on budget!”

— Ben Ackerman, Founder & CEO, Natural Pet Innovations

Other Select Project Assets

Visual Summary of Offering to Assist Brand Launch
NPI bottles
Branded, Proprietary Icons and Infographics
Product Catalog for Print & Digital Distribution - Select Spreads
NPI catalog spread
NPI catalog spread
NPI catalog spread

Case Study: How Clayton State University Celebrated a Special Year with Renewed Pride

The Challenge

As Clayton State University’s 50th anniversary approached, their already-busy marketing team was tasked with commemorating the occasion in a meaningful way. With limited internal bandwidth available, they needed a strategic partner to embed seamlessly with their staff, and produce something unforgettable.

Strategy and Services Provided

Collaborating with the University’s internal marketing team, we concepted and designed a 60-page anniversary edition of Laker Connection magazine that raised the school’s brand to a new level of sophistication, from its newly-crafted masthead to its unique size and keepsake-quality binding. Production enhancements included an embossed foil-stamped cover, featuring the celebratory logo in metallic gold, with its radiant lines in clear, raised varnish for a huge “wow” factor. And of course, we kept it all on budget!

Services for this specific project included:

  • Print Design, Establishing Future-use Grid Layouts
  • Collaborated and Procured Image Sourcing / Photography: Kevin Liles, Erin Fender, CSU Archives
  • Brand Refresh, Contributing to New Masthead Design and Updating the Publication’s Identity Standards

The Results

The golden anniversary issue was extremely well-received by University officials, current students, and alumni alike, stoking pride and generating excitement throughout the school’s community. This project also gave the in-house design team new formatting and styling options to build on, contributing to the brand’s continuing growth.

View the anniversary edition as an online PDF here.

“Working with Rich was wonderful. The 50th anniversary of our university was an extremely busy time for the marketing department, and the magazine was a signature piece to the celebration. Rich took our input and created a new design for this special issue of the magazine. Collaborating on the design was seamless! His handling of all the layout and production was invaluable to me. The entire process was a great experience.”

— Heidi Weathersby, Senior Graphic Designer, Clayton State University

Select Assets from the Publication

A sampling of several spreads
Concepted “End of Article” Mascot-related Icon as Finishing Touch

Case Study: How North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC) 10Xed Giving Tuesday Revenue

The Challenge

NFCC is a small-shop local nonprofit, serving individuals and families with emergency financial need. Like many small nonprofits, they needed to increase capacity, but growing their fundraising revenue with limited resources and bandwidth was an ongoing struggle.

Strategy and Services Provided

To make taking that first step toward growth easier, we worked out a retainer that’s flexible and cost-effective, focusing our expertise on select high-impact assets each month – including for campaigns like Giving Tuesday.

Additional services provided under this retainer have included:

  • Print Design: Event Logos, Newsletters, Flyers, Annual Reports, Posters, Banners, Invitations, Post Cards, Signage, Environmental Graphics, Swag
  • Digital Design: Fundraising Campaigns Graphics, Event Graphics
  • Proprietary Subsidiary Event Logo Designs
  • Brand Consulting

The Results

Working in tandem with NFCC’s communications efforts within a limited budget, we’ve leveraged their existing brand, strategically building awareness in their community. They recoup a quick ROI from our targeted design services, and together we consistently surpass fundraising goals. In fact, in our first two years working together, we helped NFCC 10x their Giving Tuesday revenue!

“Heck Yeah! has totally changed the way we communicate. Being a fairly small, local nonprofit, good design wasn’t always a priority. Before we hired Rich, the organization didn’t think we needed a professional designer at all. For years we’d been doing it ourselves. In addition to overall branding, Rich has helped us with campaign specific programs such as Giving Tuesday. Our first year participating in Giving Tuesday, without Rich’s help, we raised $20,000. The next year we hired Rich to help us to brand our campaign, and donations went from $20,000 to $60,000. This year, we started early and worked with Rich to design a more-comprehensive campaign—complete with banners, social media posts, website graphics and more. When the results came in, we raised over $197,000! Good design pays for itself every time! We love Heck Yeah!”Sheila Sillitto, Director of Communications & Marketing, NFCC

— Sheila Sillitto, Director of Communications & Marketing, NFCC

Other Select Project Assets

Internal Campaign - Logo, Event Collateral, Lapel Pin
Annual Report - Cover & Internal Spread

Case Study: How We Launched Tempo Media Platform from Concept to $18M in Bookings in Under 30 Months

The Challenge

High-speed digital network provider, Globecomm, needed a powerful brand to launch their groundbreaking new Tempo Media Platform for B2B communications. It was 2010 and this was something the world had never seen before, so consumer awareness was a major hurdle we needed to address.

Strategy and Services Provided

We dug deep to develop understanding of the brand’s unique technology and how to position its value to a wide spectrum of vertical markets — from maritime communications to government outreach to corporate applications. The logo and value-driven support materials exuded approachability and fluidity, and educated potential clients of this new platform’s near-limitless interactivity.

The breadth of services provided to Globecomm before, during, and post- brand launch included:

  • Logo & Website Design, Style Guide, Stewardship
  • Print Design: Flyers, Posters, Presentation Decks, Sales Sheets, Brochures, White Papers, Diagrams, Infographics, Swag
  • Environmental Design: Trade Show Booths, Signage, Digital Displays
  • Digital Design: Digital Signage, App Design, UI Design
  • Redesign of the Globecomm Logo

The Results

Thanks to a strong foundation and a sniper-like focused sales strategy, the brand went from concept to $18M in sales in less than 30 months. Our work together helped them gain traction with clients from small mom-and-pops to Fortune 500s, and helped position Globecomm and Tempo for a successful acquisition in 2016.

“Personally, the most important part of hiring Heck Yeah! is Rich’s spirit of collaboration. He and his team are experts in their fields who freely share their guidance with candor. Most importantly, they listen to the customer, seeking to understand first and then interpret that understanding into great results. They also helped educate our team by sharing their expertise, giving us the ability to do things better independently. This is uncommon. The result of our collaboration with Tempo was our going from concept to $18M in bookings in under 30 months. We continue to rely on Rich at Heck Yeah! as essential member of our team.”

— Ed Behan, VP of Media Platform, Globecomm

Other Select Project Assets

Select Presentation Deck Slides
Tempo presentation deck slide
Tempo presentation deck slide
Tempo presentation deck slide
Tempo presentation deck slide
Tempo app store logo
Redesign of Parent Company Logo, Stand-alone Icon
Redesign of Parent Company Logo, Stand-alone Icon

Case Study: How Hummingbird Onsite Recycling Got Meetings with Fortune 500 Prospects

The Challenge

Anthony Savignano came to Heck Yeah! with a crazy-smart B2B service solution, powered by a one-of-a-kind recycling truck he had invented, and needing to get the attention of his ideal audience: demolition and construction companies.

Strategy and Services Provided

Drilling down on the benefits of their unique service offering, we brought the company to life with a name, brand identity, truck graphics, and marketing presentation. Together, this collateral effectively leveraged their value proposition — turning an organization’s liabilities into multi-layered assets — and not just for builders! Given the truck’s capabilities, a service like this would be a problem solver for many Fortune 500 enterprises across several verticals.

The full suite of services we provided Hummingbird Onsite Recyclers included:

  • Naming, Strategy, Brand Launch via Website (1.0)
  • Print Design: Corporate ID, Collateral Materials, Print Ads, “Skinning” the Truck, Swag,
  • Digital Services: Ads
  • Brand Consulting & Stewardship

The Results

Hummingbird’s positioning immediately resonated with a wide range of industries — from housing developers, to auto repair shops, to C-level executives at firms like Pepsi, Coors, and Petco. Our foundational work helped the upstart brand land dozens of meetings with perfect-fit clients right out of the gate, before the first truck was even out on the road!

“We approached Rich with a need for a logo and some sales collateral regarding a proprietary recycling vehicle we were having built. After presenting our objectives, Rich delivered concepts and ideas that helped us see the true value of our unique service offering — that of a comprehensive solution provider for large companies across several verticals. With a clever name and compelling presentation/sales materials, we got the attention and subsequent meetings with Fortune 500 companies before the truck was even delivered from the manufacturer! Rich and his team rock!”

— Anthony Savignano, Founder & COO, Hummingbird Onsite Recycling

Other Select Project Assets

Digital Ad “Teasers”
Complete Logo with Tagline
Collateral Support for Sales

Case Study: How Saltzman Mughan Dushoff Disrupted a “Good-Ol’-Boys” Legal Niche

The Challenge

Savvy Las Vegas attorneys Matthew Saltzman, Joseph Mughan, and Matthew Dushoff (SMD) rallied to start their own specialty business law firm with a focus on the state’s highly regulated industries — stuff the old-timey, 3-martini-lunch law firms typically do not embrace. They needed to quickly launch a brand that would represent their unique services, without skimping on authority building or the vast expertise offered by their team.

Strategy and Services Provided

We worked with SMD to create fundamental brand assets, procured URLs that would enhance organic SEO, and launched the new firm via website. Next we strategically crafted branded print and digital marketing collateral to cover all their lead-generation bases. In the final phase of their rollout, we launched two sub-specialty blog sites for them to share their expertise regarding up-to-date code information, while simultaneously raising awareness on each topic.

In a very short period of time we have and continue to provide these services:

  • Brand Launch via Logo, Website, Style Guide
  • Print Design: Corporate ID, Collateral Materials, Ads, Brochures, Leave Behinds, Presentation Materials, Environmental Signage, Trade Show Booth, Swag,
  • Digital Services: Blog Sites, Ads, Ongoing SEO enhancement (from a Heck Yeah! Partner)
  • Branded Sub-Specialty Area Logo Designs
  • Brand Consulting & Stewardship

The Results

The new website and blogs were live within a few months, achieving SMD’s primary goal of staking their claim in these specialty areas. Our work also established a “look and feel” to guide all future print and digital marketing materials. Propelled by this foundational work, SMD has since expanded their firm, and become the state of Nevada’s largest liquor law practice.

Visit their main website at

Their Nevada liquor law specialty blog can be found at

Their Nevada employment law specialty blog can be found at

“I needed to launch my new law firm within a short timeframe and needed a variety of marketing and advertising help. Rich immediately understood the challenges we faced and strategically crafted a plan for executing this brand launch that accurately reflects our established practice with distinct sub specialties. He delivered a logo, website and collateral materials that are polished and professional, and then was able to seamlessly expand the look and feel, crafting informational blog sites where my firm leverages its unique expertise. Traffic on all of our sites has steadily increased and the tools set in place are helping our firm thrive.”

— Matthew D. Saltzman, Managing Shareholder, Saltzman Mugan Dushoff

Other Select Project Assets

Logo Designs for Firm's Specialty Areas
Tradeshow Booth Design
Presentation Materials

Case Study: How Livsey School Re-engaged Their Community and Boosted Fundraising Revenue

The Challenge

Livsey School is an award-winning public school with decades of academic success thanks to a culture of parental involvement. But in anticipation of redistricting and changes in the area’s socioeconomics, they knew they needed to overhaul their communications to stabilize volunteerism and keep that support in place. The school’s leadership asked Heck Yeah! for help with their engagement strategy and branding.

Strategy and Services Provided

We began with communication basics, launching a website (their first ever!) and collaborating on a supportive weekly email blast, offering the “who, what, where, when and why” for all things academic and social. The school’s original leopard mascot (”Leo”) was institutional and lethargic — and not generating much love. So we replaced the literal mascot with a stylized, strong, energetic, and proud personification to revitalize school spirit and reflect the energy kids aged K-5 typically embody. We also asked the illustrator to depict Leo in several poses with with the intention of applying him to collateral and branded school merchandise for an additional source of consistent passive revenue.

With these foundational elements in place, we were able to further provide:

  • Logo Designs: For the School and Its Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
  • Print Design: Flyers, Posters, Handbook, Directory, Yearbook, Presentation Materials, Spirit Wear and Swag
  • Digital Services: Branded Email Template

The Results

Livsey School was able to communicate more effectively than ever with the school community, which rallied around the new strong, kid-friendly Leo mascot. This outreach effort helped them maintain a high level of parent volunteerism, boosted fundraising initiatives, and nurtured communal pride in the “little school that could.” And the additional recurring revenue from Leo-branded swag sales was icing on the cake!

We approached Rich with a need for enhanced communications. Given his familiarity with Livsey School, he suggested we explore a ‘brand refresh’ — an approach that respectfully retired the literal leopard logo from 1971— and move forward with a vibrant caricature of a proud, empowered, stylized mascot that would serve as the foundation of everything student/parent-facing. This high-level assessment proved extremely valuable as the simplified new direction saved the school money, as it was much cheaper to reproduce in black and white copies, while the popularity of Leo on spirit wear and other swag items consistently generate passive income for the school. Perhaps most importantly, the kids, and adults too, really LOVE Leo!!

— Dr. Jamie Wilson, Principal, Livsey School

Other Select Project Assets

Branded Email Header & Template
Original PTA Logo (b&w) Replaced with the New PTO Logo (color)
Yearbook Cover & Internal Spread
Swag and Spirit Wear Applications
Branded Fundraising Messaging

Case Study: How Tandem Bank’s “Bank on Local” Strategy Quickly Built Customer Loyalty

The Challenge

As the first new bank in Georgia in more than a decade, Tandem needed to establish a strong, user-friendly brand. They had a logo in hand, but needed to apply it to foundational marketing assets that reflected their deep industry knowledge and market expertise, and differentiate themselves from a glut of typical “big box” banks.

Strategy and Services Provided

Knowing they had to build trust fast, we leveraged their small size and familiarity with the area as advantageous talking points, in a “bank on local” high level theme. We positioned Tandem as an approachable, personable bank, with the experience and innovation to find unique solutions. From day one, we let everyone know Tandem was proudly investing in its community and backed up that talk by integrating authentic photos of local folks, neighborhoods, and businesses into their customer-facing marketing collateral.

We launched the brand with an intuitive, ADA-compliant website that not only stood out against the competition, but also provided the foundational look for future marketing materials. Other services we provided post-launch included:

  • Print Design: Corporate ID, Collateral Materials, Credit & Debit Card Design, Ads, Marketing Campaigns, Environment Graphics, Signage, Holiday Cards, Swag
  • Digital Services: Ads, UI Design, Website Updates
  • Brand Consulting & Stewardship

The Results

Tandem’s community-focused brand made a splash, setting them apart from more established banks and winning customer loyalty from the start. They garnered more than $20M in deposits in their first three months of operation, quickly developed a robust pipeline of incoming loan applications, and were able to expand to two more locations right on schedule.

“When I approached Rich, we were a start-up bank with only a name, logo, and style guide. He and his team took those core elements and seamlessly created a website that brought our brand to life. Post launch, he expanded the look and feel into new collateral materials that cohesively embody our uniqueness — approachability; reliance on technology; empathy for the customer. Every step of the way he helped us leverage those differentiators in a clean, professional, authentic manner. His design services have contributed to our overall marketing success since we opened our doors.”

— Charles DeWitt, CEO & Founder, Tandem Bank

Other Select Project Assets

Print and Digital Ads
Marketing Campaign Decal
Branded Debit, Credit Cards
Holiday Card with Custom Illustration - Illustrator Jeff Gregory