Case Study: How We Launched Tempo Media Platform from Concept to $18M in Bookings in Under 30 Months

The Challenge

High-speed digital network provider, Globecomm, needed a powerful brand to launch their groundbreaking new Tempo Media Platform for B2B communications. It was 2010 and this was something the world had never seen before, so consumer awareness was a major hurdle we needed to address.

Strategy and Services Provided

We dug deep to develop understanding of the brand’s unique technology and how to position its value to a wide spectrum of vertical markets — from maritime communications to government outreach to corporate applications. The logo and value-driven support materials exuded approachability and fluidity, and educated potential clients of this new platform’s near-limitless interactivity.

The breadth of services provided to Globecomm before, during, and post- brand launch included:

  • Logo & Website Design, Style Guide, Stewardship
  • Print Design: Flyers, Posters, Presentation Decks, Sales Sheets, Brochures, White Papers, Diagrams, Infographics, Swag
  • Environmental Design: Trade Show Booths, Signage, Digital Displays
  • Digital Design: Digital Signage, App Design, UI Design
  • Redesign of the Globecomm Logo

The Results

Thanks to a strong foundation and a sniper-like focused sales strategy, the brand went from concept to $18M in sales in less than 30 months. Our work together helped them gain traction with clients from small mom-and-pops to Fortune 500s, and helped position Globecomm and Tempo for a successful acquisition in 2016.

“Personally, the most important part of hiring Heck Yeah! is Rich’s spirit of collaboration. He and his team are experts in their fields who freely share their guidance with candor. Most importantly, they listen to the customer, seeking to understand first and then interpret that understanding into great results. They also helped educate our team by sharing their expertise, giving us the ability to do things better independently. This is uncommon. The result of our collaboration with Tempo was our going from concept to $18M in bookings in under 30 months. We continue to rely on Rich at Heck Yeah! as essential member of our team.”

— Ed Behan, VP of Media Platform, Globecomm

Other Select Project Assets

Select Presentation Deck Slides
Tempo presentation deck slide
Tempo presentation deck slide
Tempo presentation deck slide
Tempo presentation deck slide
Tempo app store logo
Redesign of Parent Company Logo, Stand-alone Icon
Redesign of Parent Company Logo, Stand-alone Icon
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